How Can You Help the Environment? Support CEJA

ACE’s April 2021 meeting dealt with the relationship among IMEA, PSEC, and Naperville Electric. Greg Hubert of the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force offers some things you can do today to make Naperville a greener city in the future.

Meatless Mondays Initiative

Want to eat healthier and save the planet, too? Join our Environmental Team’s Meatless Monday Initiative. To start you off, we have many tasty, family-tested recipes here.

ACE Focus on the Environment

Our May 2018 ACE meeting featured a Focus on the Environment, which included Jeff Gahris from the Sierra Club and the Illinois Solar Energy Association, Steve Jones and ACE member Pete Fales who retrofitted our meeting space to be more energy efficient, Tim Banas, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Harry Ohde of IBEW.  To see photos from that meeting, check out our Photo Gallery.

ACE Environmental Team Styrofoam Recycling Program

In 2018, ACE started to piggyback onto the existing Styrofoam recycling program at First Congregational United Church of Christ Naperville where we hold our monthly meetings.

What Can Be Recycled?

  • #6 food service foam (cups, to-go containers, egg cartons, ice chests, and meat trays), protective packaging foam (frequently used to protect electronics during shipping), and other foam with the #6 inside the chasing arrows triangle.
  • Food service containers must be clean and rinsed. No straws or lids.
  • No packing peanuts. Check with shipping businesses, they will usually be able to use them.
  • No foam insulation.
  • No #6 clear hard plastic.

Bring your cleaned and rinsed food service foam and/or packaging foam to the monthly ACE meetings in a paper or plastic bag.

A team of volunteers from ACE will work with the existing church recycling program to get your donation sorted and delivered to the Dart drop-off recycle location in North Aurora. Dart operates two wash and dry facilities that clean dirty foam so it can be recycled. Once processed, the material goes to a manufacturer that will use the material to make other materials, such as premium picture frames and crown moulding.


Ten Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

ACE-Naperville’s Environmental Team offers ten strategies to make our planet more healthy.

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