Call Governor Rauner Now and Urge Him to Sign These Bills

HB2354 Lethal Violence Order of Protection Bill 

This bill was sent to Governor Rauner to sign on 6/28/18.  He has 60 days to act on the bill, so until the end of August.

Basically, this bill allows a family member or a law enforcement officer to file a petition to the court for an emergency firearms restraining order if someone has control of a firearm and poses a danger to himself or others. The respondent must turn over to law enforcement any firearms and any FOID card or conceal carry permit in their possession. If the firearm that is the subject of the restraining order belongs to someone else, that person can petition the court for the return of the weapon after affirming that they are the rightful owner of the weapon, that they will not transfer the weapon to the respondent of the petition, and that they will store the weapon so the respondent does not have access to the firearm. This is a bipartisan bill that passed both chambers with overwhelming support.


This was sent to Governor Rauner to sign on 6/6/18. Again he has 60 days to act on it, so until the first week in August.

This amendment provides for a 72-hour waiting period between applying to purchase a weapon and delivery of that weapon. It retains the 24-hour waiting period for stun guns and tasers. It eliminates the exemption from the waiting period requirement for the sale of a firearm to a nonresident of Illinois while at a firearm showing. Again, this is a bipartisan bill that passed both chambers with overwhelming support.

We just need to get the governor to sign both of these. They are common-sense bills and could have helped prevent several of our most recent mass shooting if they had been in place in the states where those shootings occurred. As of the shooting on June 28 at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD, we have had 154 mass shootings in the USA this year, and it is only the end of June.

Please push the governor to do his job working for the safety of Illinois.

When calling Governor Rauner, please be polite to his receptionist. She is a very nice person.  You can also leave a voicemail if calling after hours. Provide your name and address. Remind him you are a constituent.

Ask him to sign:

SB3256 CRIM-PRO-UnClaimed Bail Deposit; Amendment No. 1
HB2354 Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act and

Yes, you can push for both bills to be signed in one phone call.

Governor Rauner contact information:

Chicago office: (312) 814-2121

Springfield office: (217) 782-0244