2018 Candidates for State, Federal, and Local Elections

2018 Democratic Candidates


J.B. Pritzker

Illinois Attorney General

Kwame Raoul

Illinois Secretary of State

Jesse White

State Treasurer

Mike Frerichs

State Comptroller

Susana Mendoza

U.S. Congress

U.S. House of Representatives (two-year terms)

3rd Congressional District
Daniel Lipinski
5th Congressional District
Mike Quigley
6th Congressional District
Sean Casten 
8th Congressional District
Raja Krishnamoorthi
11th Congressional District
Bill Foster
14th Congressional District
Lauren Underwood

Illinois State Senate

21st Legislative District
Laura Ellman
23rd Legislative District
Thomas Cullerton
24th Legislative District
Suzanne “Suzy” Glowiak 
39th Legislative District
Don Harmon 
41st Legislative District
Bridget M. Fitzgerald 
42nd Legislative District
Linda Holmes
43rd Legislative District
Pat McGuire 

State Representatives

41st Representative District
Val Montgomery
42nd Representative District
Kathleen V. Carrier
45th Representative District
Cynthia Borbas 
46th Representative District
Deb Conroy
47th Representative District
James M. Caffrey 
48th Representative District
Terra Costa Howard 
49th Representative District
Karina Villa
56th Representative District
Michelle Mussman 
77th Representative District
Kathleen Willis 
81st Representative District
Anne M. Stava-Murray
82nd Representative District
Tom Chlystek
84th Representative District
Stephanie Kifowit 
85th Representative District
John Connor

DuPage County Offices

DuPage County Board Chair
Lynn LaPlante
DuPage County Sheriff
Gregory H. Whalen
DuPage County Clerk
Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Board, District 1
Ashley J. Selmon
Zahra Suratwala
DuPage County Board, District 2
Elizabeth (Liz) Chaplin
Arlene Kendorski
DuPage County Board, District 3
John Basco 
Julie Renehan
DuPage County Board, District 4
Hadiya Afzal
Mary FitzGerald Ozog
DuPage County Board, District 5
Sadia Covert
Dawn DeSart 
DuPage County Board, District 6
Erica Green
Sheila C. Rutledge

DuPage County Forest Preserve

DuPage County Forest Preserve President
Daniel Hebreard
DuPage County Forest Preserve, District 3
Irfan M. Ibrahim

Judicial Seats, 18th Circuit

18th Judicial (Fawell vacancy)
Jeffrey Jacobson
Raleigh Kalbfleisch
David Stevens
18th Judicial (Creswell vacancy)
Linda Davenport



Last updated 3/22/18.