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We provide current information on candidates and their campaigns, so members are equipped to make well-informed voting decisions, educate others, and influence their elected officials.

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Confirm Your Polling Location Online; You Can Never Be Too Prepared for This Important Election

By Beverly George, ACE Leader

The website for the DuPage County Election Commission can be useful to find/confirm your polling location. However, it is a broad and deep resource and can be finicky to use.

If you’re registered to vote and want to confirm or find your polling location and all your election information, go to

Select the “Search by Address” tab, enter your house number, omit the direction, then enter street name, enter street suffix, enter your town and select “Search.” (NOTE: our street suffix is “Lane” but when I selected Lane, “No record was found.” So I retried selecting “Ln,” and my election information came up just fine. That’s the finicky I mentioned earlier.)

If this doesn’t work, here’s Plan B from the Illinois State Board of Elections .

Under “Voter Information,” in the middle column, select “Am I Registered to Vote in Illinois?” This is more straightforward and works well. I think it’s important to check polling location ahead of time, in case it’s been changed.

Would you like to see a list of all the candidates on both primary ballots? Here’s one more link courtesy of ACE member Jan Podolski’s strong persistence.

  • Go to the home page for the DuPage County Elections Commission.
  • Look to the right of the page, and under “Quick Links,” click on the first item, “Unofficial Candidate List- General Primary Election.”
  • Top of new page under “For the March 20, 2018, General Primary Election,” click on “Federal, State, and County Offices.”
  • There you are, a PDF of candidates for all offices, first the Democrats followed by the Republicans.


Voting for Judges: It Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

How do you vote for judges? Look at the names and pick someone who sounds good? Do you ever think to ask friends who might be lawyers their opinions about the judges before the election? How do you research their ruling records? Read the full article here.

How does a bill become law in Illinois?

The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois produced an informative piece on their website. Click here to read it and brush up on your civics.

What’s the difference between Circuit Court judges and Associates? 

Judge Linda Davenport is running for DuPage County Circuit Court Judge as a Democrat to encourage diversity on the bench. Take a look at her video. Judge Davenport joined us for our Meet the Candidates 2 in February. Posted 1/29/18.

Illinois Ballot Integrity Project Highlights Election Hacking

Democracy is under attack, first through voter suppression and also from election rigging/hacking. Read more here. Posted 9/19/17.

“It’s so easy to be a one-issue voter.”

A Catholic Nun on What It Really Means to be Pro-Life:“A moral world is one whose societies realize that none of us can manage alone without the help of those who believe that every life is as important as their own.” Posted 5/17.

How to register to vote online

If you have an Illinois state ID or driver’s license, you can register to vote in one minute by following these two easy steps.

  2. Answer the questions. You will need to know the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Once your registration is processed, take a snapshot. It’s that simple!

Source: The League of Women Voters of Illinois